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Union Chapel Church presents:

Open Wednesday

Art Drop-In

Union Chapel, London, United Kingdom

Wednesday 13 December  10:00 AM   Room: Chapel, Upper Hall (Bar), Sunday School Hall, Committee Room, Lower Hall, Margins Kitchen, Vestry
FREE   Entry Requirements: Under 16s accompanied by an adult

Every Wednesday morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.we open the church doors to hold an informal morning of tea, coffee and conversation.

Doors open 10am - 1pm, art 10.30am

This week it's the monthly art drop in with Jo McCormick. This session will extend in to the afternoon, with a break between 1-2pm. Sessions after 4.30pm need to be booked, see details below.

"Shrine to the Seasons”

Be part of creating a Shrine to the Seasons with Union Chapel, a collaborative contemporary icon for the 21st century. Following the traditional use of eclectic materials in creating icons, we will be exploring mixed media and collage, egg tempera, watercolour, pure pigment, acrylic paint, gilding, colour theory and glazing.

Every second Wednesday of the month artist Joanna McCormick has been running art drop in sessions in the morning at Union Chapel for the Church's Open Wednesdays.

Many wonderful artworks have been created by participants of all ages and abilities, lots of cakes and biscuits have been eaten and many cups of tea and coffee have been consumed.

Everyone has brought their unique gifts and input to the project, and we now have a collection of fabulous work. The sessions are lively and fun, with a different theme to explore each month and a wide variety of art materials to try out and experiment with.

The project is being expanded this year, with the goal of creating a series of contemporary modern icons for an exhibition at Cass Art project space in 2018 (tbc), and for permanent display at the chapel.

Come and join us on a Wednesday!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished artist.

Whether you want to experiment with new ideas or to develop an ongoing investigation.

if you want to work in a small group (max 3 people) then the 4.30 - 6pm has half hour slots you can book. Contact church@unionchapel.org.uk with the date and time you want to book a slot in, book now to avoid disappointment!

Here is a timetable for the sessions for the whole year:

8th March - 11am - 1pm Drop in
12th April - 11am - 4pm Drop in
4.30pm - 6pm - book your session (church@unionchapel.org.uk)
10th May 11am - 1pm - Drop in
14th June 11am - 1pm - Drop in
12th July 11am - 4pm Drop in
4.30pm - 6pm - book your session (church@unionchapel.org.uk)
13th Sept 11am - 4pm Drop in
4.30pm - 6pm - book your session (church@unionchapel.org.uk)
11th Oct 11am - 4pm Drop in
4.30pm - 6pm - book your session (church@unionchapel.org.uk)
8th Nov 11am - 4pm Drop in
4.30pm - 6pm - book your session (church@unionchapel.org.uk)
13th Dec 11am - 4pm Drop in
4.30pm - 6pm - book your session (church@unionchapel.org.uk)

This event is organised by Union Chapel Church.