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Union Chapel presents:

Daylight Music 247

Kinbrae + Ben Chatwin + Kate Arnold

Union Chapel, London, United Kingdom

Saturday 25 February  12:00 PM   Room: Chapel
FREE*   Entry Requirements: Under 16s accompanied by an adult

A lazy afternoon with music, tea and cake.

An event for all ages

Free entry - suggested donation £5
Midday - 2.00pm

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Produced by Arctic Circle

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Kinbrae is the musical project of twin brothers Andy & Mike Truscott, from Scotland. They play a mixture of brass, electronics, percussion and musique concrete to create a uniquely experimental yet accessible form of ambient, modern classical music.

A new experience for Daylight Music this week as Kate Arnold, of Fear of the Forest, becomes the first artist to play a dulcimer here; her music combines influences from English and French folk, Middle Eastern and classical music to create a sound that’s been described as ‘punk baroque’.

Ben Chatwin is a visionary composer and producer working from his home studio in Scotland. Previously releasing experimental music as Talvihorros, Ben has recently stepped away from this alias to deliver a much more focused and expansive sound, described by Stereogum as “Dark, bare, beautiful soundscapes that mix analogue electronics with classical sensibilities.”

    Line up

  • Kinbrae
  • Ben Chatwin
  • Kate Arnold