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Union Chapel presents:

Daylight Music 248: Adrian Crowley presents

Brigid Mae Power + Mary and the Pigeons + Radie Peat

Union Chapel, London, United Kingdom

Saturday 4 March  12:00 PM   Room: Chapel
FREE*   Entry Requirements: Under 16s accompanied by an adult

A lazy afternoon with music, tea and cake.

An event for all ages

Free entry - suggested donation £5
Midday - 2.00pm

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Produced by Arctic Circle

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Adrian Crowley presents The Unearthly Song with Brigid Mae Power, Mary and the Pigeons + Radie Peat

Adrian is obsessed with those otherworldly moments when the voice, words, melody seem to carry the performer into another realm, as if there is some secret spell at work. He’s chosen three remarkable artists; follow them to a landscape ultimately rich in rewards. Mary and the Pigeons is fronted by Mary Barnecutt, whose music has rather wonderfully been described as “Robert Wyatt crossed with Mary Poppins”.

Brigid Mae Power is an Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who paints her songs in dreamily expansive strokes, transporting earthly compositions into universal and exultant realms; the Guardian claims that her music “touches transcendence”. With work centred around traditional and folk music from Ireland and beyond, Radie Peat is a well-regarded musician. As well as her acclaimed solo work, she came to prominence for her work with traditional folk group Lynched.

    Line up

  • Brigid Mae Power
  • Mary and the Pigeons
  • Radie Peat